Everything You Need For Disney World On A Budget

Hello this is The Atypical Hustlers and this is a list that we have put together of things you should pick up before you make your journey the magical world of Disney, especially if you’re trying to do it on a budget. You can most of the items at your local Dollar Store. We’ve split the list into two sections. One large section is items that is exclusive to Dollar Tree. These will really save you some money, especially if you’re taking children. Most of the items listed can be found in your child’s favorite Disney characters. Hope this list helps! Happy shopping and have a magical trip!

Dollar Tree

Post it Notes
Glow Sticks
Water Bottles (Disney
Baby Wipes
Carabiner Clips
Autograph Books & Pens
Tupperware for Snacks
(Disney Themed)
Snacks (Chocolate Will Melt!)
Toys (Disney Themed)
Flip Flops (Water Parks Only
In Our Opinion)
Gum (Not Sold In Parks)
Ear Plugs/Muffs (Loud
Coloring Books (Disney
Bubbles (Disney Themed)
Stickers (Disney Themed)
Hand Sanitizer
Sunglasses (It doesn’t ruin
your trip when $1
sunglasses gets lost)
Suction Cup Hooks
(Drying Swim Suits
in Shower)
Pirate Gear / Dress
Cup Cake Papers
(Disney Themed)
Spray Bottle Fans
DIY First Aid Kits
(Disney Themed)
Ziplock Bags
(Disney Themed)
Clothes Hamper
Waterproof Case
for Phones
Glow Sticks!

Disney Themed Water Bottles!

Autograph Books!

Disney Themed Coloring Books!

Disney Themed Stickers!

Cupcake Papers

Glowstick Bracelets


Other Value Stores

Body Glide
Single Drink Mix
Small Blanket
Wrinkle Release
Stroller Cover (For
Water Bottle Mister
Child Leash
Packing Cubes
(Organizers for
Freeze Dried Food
DIY Mickey/Minnie
Mouse Ears (See
our Blog)
Stroller Cover is a must have!

Child Leash (Don’t judge, and don’t worry about being judged). This is also a must have!
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